Club Rules 

Whilst we want every single person who attends our shows to have fun and enjoy their day; there are rules that must be followed to ensure we keep everyone safe. Anyone who is found not to be following these rules will be asked to leave the show ground immediately. 

1. Hard hats to be worn by all riders on the field at all times and in all events.


2. Whip and /or spurs are not allowed in any gymkhana event.

3. Whips exceeding 30 inches are not allowed in any event.

4. Riders are requested not to gallop their animals amongst other horses and spectators. Persistent offenders will be asked to leave the showground, and no entry monies will be refunded.

5. The Judge's decision is FINAL

6. Competitors must enter the ring when requested to do so, or failure to comply may lead to elimination from the class. If for any reason a competitor is unable to enter the ring when called, it is their responsibility to see that the ring steward and judge are informed of the circumstances.

7. The Committee reserve the right to amalgamate classes with less than 6 entries.


8. Entry fees will only be refunded in the event of a class being cancelled, or upon the production of medical or veterinary evidence, and for no other reason.


9. All colts must be handled by an adult; otherwise they will be requested to leave.

10. Competitors entering the class are the only people permitted in the ring.

11. Members may enter only one horse in any under saddle class.


12. Entry fees must be paid before any rider or horse enters the ring.

13. Non-members cannot win any cup, trophy or shield. Members who join on a "Cup Day"   cannot win a Cup or trophy until the next show.


14. Any complaint or objection must be made in writing to the show secretary within 30 minutes of the incident and to be accompanied by a deposit of ten pounds, which will be refunded if the complaint or objection is upheld.

15. On any one day, a horse may be entered only once in any class.

16. Any competitor, who in the opinion of the committee, is not in control of any animal will be asked to leave the field. All dogs must be kept on a lead.


17. The decision of the Committee on all matters is final and binding.

18. All riders and horses must have their own 3rd party liability insurance. 


The Trustees, organisers, Urmston & District Riding Club, Committee, or any persons acting on their behalf, will not accept responsibility for any accident, loss, damage, injury or illness to horses, owners, riders or spectators or any person, animal, or property whatsoever from any cause whatsoever.

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